This tutorial will cover how to create multiple series’ in a single Chart and how to make them look presentable in 3D or 2D.

Create a Chart

1. Start by Creating an Empty ASP.NET Application

2. Right click on your project and Navigate to ->Add->New Item

3. Select Web Form and Name it Default.aspx

4. Drag a Chart Object from the Toolbar to the Form in Design View

Add another Series
1. We Start by Adding a Legend so that we don’t get confused by the Data Later so go to the Charts Property Window and Navigate to the Legends Property

2. Once in the Legends Editor Window Click the Add Key Then Press OK it should have named it Legend1

3. Navigate Back to the Charts Property Window

4. Click the Ellipses Button(…) next to the Series Property

5. Once inside the Series Editor Click the Add Button and Name the Series First Quarter

6. Next Select the First Series(the default one) and Name it Second Quarter

7. Select The Color you wish to use and Press OK

Add Data to Both Series’
1. Select Design View

2. Insert this Code into your Section

This Code should have added Data to the Series You Created make sure that they are
named correctly my Series’ Names are Second Quarter and First Quarter.

4. Next we can tweak the Chart to look better or Make it 3D(optional)

Tweaking the Visuals
1. The First Step is to Make the Chart 3D by going into the Chart’s Property Window and
Pressing the Ellipses button(…) next to the ChartArea Property

2. Once Inside the Chart Areas Editor Window Navigate to the (Enable3D) property and Select True

3. *View Your Chart and see if it is easy to understand and see all of the data, if not you need to
manipulate the Inclination and the Rotation properties inside of the Chart Areas Editor Window*

4. The Next Step is to Add Titles to the Axes I have Chosen Months for the X axis Title
and Sales($Million) for the Y axis Title

5. Now you may tweak your Chart in any other additional ways as you please


In This Tutorial we learned how to set up Multiple Series on a Single Chart to make more complex 3D Charts.
We also learned how to add Data to the multiple Series’ through code, and some basic ways to make multiple
Series Charts Look more advanced.

Download Source Files