This Tutorial will show you how to install the AJAX Control Toolkit


This tutorial will teach you how to download and setup the AJAX Control Toolkit. The AJAX Control Toolkit is a set of controls designed to make Web Forms seem more like windows forms to users. It allows Partial Page Updating which updates Controls on the Web Form without initiating a full PostBack. The AJAX Control Toolkit is completely free and takes up relatively low space on the hard drive, while still being a compelling add-on for any Web Developer.


1. You can begin by going to the ASP.NET Website (
2. Navigate to the AJAX tab at the top of the Web Page.
3. Navigate to the AJAX Control Toolkit section
4. Now select Download on the left
5. Finally choose to download from Codeplex
6. begin downloading the file for your version of Visual Web Developer(mine is 4.0)


1. Once you have it downloaded you need to unzip the file to a directory
2. Now go into Visual Web Developer 2010 and open the toolbox
3. Right click anywhere in the Toolbox and select Add Tab
4. Name it “AJAX Control Toolkit”
5. Now go into that Tab Right Click and Select Choose Items
6. Select the Browse button
7. Navigate to the folder you unzipped the files into and choose the “AjaxControlToolkit.dll” file
8. Select OK and it should populate the Toolbox with all of the current AJAX tools


Once this Installation is complete you will not have to do this again unless you reinstall Visual Studio.