This Tutorial Will Teach You How to Install Productivity Power Tools in Visual Web Developer 2010


In this tutorial we will learn how to Install Extensions into Visual Web Developer 2010. ┬áThe specific extension we are using is Productivity Power Tools, I use this extension mostly for it’s upgraded clipboard, but there are many other features that you can find.

Installing the Extension

1. Start by opening a copy of Visual Studio 2010
2. then we need to navigate to Tools->Extension Manager
3. Next we need to search for the add-on so, click on the online Gallery Button
4. Now you can use the Search Bar on the Top right to look for “Productivity Power Tools”
5. Once you find it select the Download button
6. This process will take a few seconds and you will need to restart Visual studio for it to take effect
7. Now reload Visual Studio and begin using the new features right away.
8. Once Complete it should look like this in the Extension Manager
9. Be aware that this process is the same for installing any of the other add-ons you may see in the Extension Manager.  Many of the Tools are built to assist you in developing so feel free to download and install them as you please now that you know how.


In this Tutorial we learned how to install Extensions in Visual Studio 2010. We used the “Productivity Power Tools” as an example extension because it is very user friendly, and it makes certain aspects of developing easier.