This tutorial will show you how to use MultiView Control and View Control to achieve Tabstrip in ASP.NET 2.0 and C#.

To define Style Sheet to make the page looks more professional

To design five controls in the web page. These controls are MultiView Control,View Controls and Calendar Control. And then add three LinkButton controls in front of the MultiView control.

Create a connection to database. The follwing is a connectionstring

Please modify user id and password to your sql server user id and pasoword.

To define a function ReturnDataSetto communicate with database in the project.

ReturnDataSet has two parameters. One is string type which represent table name, and the other is DataSet type. RetrunDataSet return a DataSet.

In order to see data in the page when we first access the page, we must add the following code in the function of page_load()

Change style and bind data to GridView Control, DetailView Control in the profile with code.

Please be noted that you must add MultiView1.ActiveViewIndex = intValue;(intValue=1,2,3) It’s very important. It will control which View control display the page.

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