This articles goes over some of the features of Visual Web Developer 2005

Visual Studios Web is a free, new IDE published by Microsoft to develop .NET web applications. IDE is an acronym for “Integrated Development Environment” which is a special program programmers use to explore, develop, debug, and sometimes deploy applications with.

The Visual Studios Web IDE was designed specifically to meet the unique needs of today’s .NET web developers. It is easy to use and more importantly easy to learn. Listed below are some major features of Visual Studios Web.

  • WYSIWYG Design Surface – WYSIWYG stands for “What you See is What You Get” (pronounced “WIZ-E-WIG”). You can use common formatting controls you are already familiar with in other Microsoft products such as font formatting, resizing, unordered and ordered lists, and more.
  • Toolbox – The Toolbox contains logically grouped controls that you can simply drag-and-drop on your WYSIWYG and start using right away.
  • Master Pages – Master Pages lets you create a “master” layout that you can then re-use for each page in your website. This results in a more consistent look and feel in your webpages. You can also nest master pages within one another to create more complex and consistent pages.
  • Property Window – Displays properties, events, and fields of the object that’s selected. It also allows you to modify such members and choose from the enumerations associated with each particular member (when applicable) from a convenient drop-down menu.
  • JavaScript and CSS Support – Visual Web Developer has full support for Javascript and CSS. It provides Intellisense support for writing in both of these languages.
  • Intellisense – Intellisense is a convenient feature in Visual Web Developer that essentially “auto-completes” any statements you are typing in the editor. It provides a list of valid choices where appropriate for such things like enumerations, member access (via the “.” operator), language keywords, or identifiers found elsewhere in the program.
  • Includes SQL Server 2005 Express Edition – SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is included with Visual Web Developer to provide back-end storage for development purposes. It is available as an optional component during the installation of Visual Web Developer.
  • Built-in Membership and Roles – Visual Web Developer in conjunction with ASP.NET 2.0 provides easy-to-use membership features. These features allow you to authenticate, restrict, and create users on a page-by-page basis.

You can review more features by visiting Microsoft’s official website for Visual Web Developer.